They took away our light

Rameen Rafiq

The horrifying incident at the Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan shocked the entire nation. What was more heartrending was the fact that a few people who came forward to save the young student couldn’t do so because of the violent mob. No one could muster the courage to stop those students who were brutally beating Mashal Khan. This is not only a violation of law, but a failure of humanity. It is surprising that in the middle of such a bloodcurdling incident, students were making videos of the horrific incident. This has touched new heights of brutality and cruelty. Mashal was killed on the false allegations of blasphemy. A bright student was murdered in the name of religion. A young mind that had just started experiencing the world was brutally silenced. The irony is that Mashal’s murder – committed in the name of religion – is just the opposite of the teachings of Islam.
Mashal’s Facebook profile reveals that the young student was full of dreams. He had the urge to talk and do something about all the wrongs in our society. His few Facebook posts endorse his intelligence. It is sad to see that his old parents have lost their son. If only conspiracies were kept out of education institutions. It is a relief that the case is being thoroughly investigated and it is now in the court of law. It is hoped that justice will prevail. For Mashal, we should stand united against the extremism in our country.

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