Too many holidays

Javaid Bashir

It is quite strange that the National Assembly has passed a resolution asking to declare public holidays on the occasion of Holi, Diwali Easter. The PML(N)’s Ramesh Kumar introduced this resolution. Nobody opposed this idea. I think the members are not concerned with the impact of this move.
As a nation, we do not have any work ethics. We are obsessed with celebrating festive occasions. This move is made to show solidarity with minorities. I do not think this will make any difference in the lives of the minorities. We should rather work on giving them rights and protecting them.
It is said that in the House’s opinion the government should declare public holidays on such occasions. The Interior Ministry is responsible for taking such decisions. I would appeal to the concerned Minister to have a look at this proposal. As far as I am concerned I oppose the very idea to add three more holidays to the Calendar. We have too many public holidays, over and above the long week-ends, strikes and shut-downs.
—Via email

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