Tomato prices skyrocketing

The availability of the Tomato has become scarce in the markets of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to which the prices of the main item of kitchen have increased.
The shortage of the item would likely to push the vegetabel’s value further during the current week.
Though the Tomatoes have the price tag of Rs 106/72 per kilogram according to Market Committee rates but it was also being sold at Rs. 180 per kg in many areas of the federal capital.
Overcharging by the vendors was also another factor for increase in price of this edible.
A vegetables trader at Aabpara Market told this agency that the prices of tomato were high for last 10 to 15 days due to shortage. It was being supplied from Sindh area now and also being imported from neighboring country India which was a reason for increase in price, he added.
The prices of this main kitchen item, he said, would be decreased significantly in coming days after the start of production from Punjab area.
The change of the season was also a reason of price hike which has created a sudden shortage of supplies. Usually, he added, the produce of tomato started coming from Mirpurkhan and Badin in March, which was the ebbing season for Thatta and Lasbela crops. Currently, tomatoes were being supplied from Larkana which has overstretched the wholesalers of the country. Because of the short supply, even the traders were competing to grab the tomato crates, pushing its rates to around Rs2,000, while the same crates of around 18 kilograms were around Rs1,000 more than a week earlier.—APP

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