TMA draining polluted water into canal

M Kumail Hayder

Dera Ghazi Khan—Tehsil Municipal Authorities are violating rules of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) openly without any fear of law by discharging Municipal wastewater into the Manka Canal. Two sucker machines are being used to discharge sewage water into canal with the permission of Chief Officer, TMA, Dera Ghazi Khan.
Manka Canal is like famous Lahore Canal in DG Khan and passing at eastern side of city. It flows from Dera Ghazi Khan Canal toward the rural agricultural area of city.
As per a report of EPA, Manka Canal is polluted with sewage water of nearby areas of city. Small drains and sewage pipes of TMA are discharging wastewater directly into canal without any treatment.
‘I am of the opinion that the sample does not conform to the National Environmental Quality Standards and that Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Sulphide exceed the NEQS limits’ remarked Chief Analyst Deputy Director EPA Laboratory Multan in an analysis report of wastewater sample of Manka Canal.
EPA DG Khan has requested to Deputy Director (R&I) EPA, Punjab Lahore that legal action may be initiated against TMA DG Khan under allied provision of Punjab Environmental Protection Act-1997 (as amended in 2012) on the basis of lab report but legal action has not been taken yet as six months have been passed.
Pervaiz Iqbal, Inspector EPA Dera Ghazi Khan, has reported that the polluted water is directly supplied to the cultivated land for agriculture purpose that may produce adverse environmental impact in the public that use the water for cultivation in the form of different diseases like hepatitis, typhoid, diarrhea, skin diseases and other gastrointestinal diseases. This water may also affect the soil texture of the area.
Chief Officer TMA Dera Ghazi Khan Rafique Anjum said that he had joined recently here. However, he assured that legal action will be taken against violators in next a few days and administration will try to remove sewage drain from Manka Canal.

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