TLP defies law

Once again club-wielding activists of TLP led by Khadim Hussain blocked exit and entry points to Lahore, creating pandemonium, demanding withdrawal of criminal cases filed against them on orders of court. Such scenes were witnessed in other parts of country. The question arises how State can choose to be oblivious to this threat challenging its writ by men holding sticks demanding immunity from law, from which even the former PM could not escape. Given the upcoming elections and political crisis engulfing the ruling party, they seem to be handicapped, but what about other state institutions?
The very foundation, on which the State functions, is superiority of Constitution, and if this is allowed to be challenged and compromised then breakdown occurs and chaos follows. All institutions of the State exist because of Pakistan and are there to serve people and protect their basic constitutional rights. The 2017 Faizabad Dharna by TLP blocking Islamabad and Rawalpindi was declared unlawful by Superior Judiciary and warrants of arrest issued against those found guilty of gross violations of law, including holding hostage uniformed law enforcement personnel and inflicting serious injuries on them and other citizens.
Constitution of Pakistan binds all State institutions, including elected political executive, the paid civil and uniformed bureaucracy and security apparatus to enforce writ of law and implement judicial orders. Any let or excuse not to do so by any State institution will raise doubts. This country has suffered both internally and internationally by such turf wars, where a few elements within State institutions patronised criminals and groups exploiting religion, ignoring their illegal acts creating Frankenstein such as TTP, Jhangvi group, Altaf Hussain-led MQM, etc.

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