TJP protests in favour of oppressed Rohingya Muslims

Staff Reporter

An emergency Meeting of Tahreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan called in central secretariat Rawalpindi. A strong protest in fever of Rohingya’s oppressed Muslims have Decided.
Rawalpindi. The meeting has called under the leadership of Central Secretary General Dr. Irfan Ashraf, which has also attended by north Punjab President Khan Muhammad Khan and other Rawalpindi Islamabad workers. In meeting they discussed in details about the protest on Burma Muslims, and they decided to attend collective protest with other parties in Islamabad on Friday.
On the occasion, Secretary General Dr. Irfan said that the Government of Pakistan could not yet clear its policy regarding Muslims of Myanmar. He further added that TJP will attend a full-fledged partnership in Islamabad on Friday. He said that mass massacre of humans in Rohingya is very shameful for human rights champions and organizations.
He said that people who are talking about rights of animals are sitting silent on human bloodshed in Burma. Government of Pakistan should play its role on it.

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