Timely strict action

A couple of days back media had carried tragic news about a pregnant woman giving birth to a child on roadside after she was refused admission in the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Raiwind. This sent a shock wave to everyone and people raised questions about working of the healthcare system.
Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, took immediate notice of this incident and quite commendably taken strict action against those responsible refusing admission into the hospital to a pregnant woman. News stories say the CM not only suspended the Medical Superintendent and the Consultant Gynaecologist but also ordered departmental inquiry and strict disciplinary action against them. Additionally, an LHV has been dismissed from service.
The CM said that cruelty has been committed by all of them by non-provision of admission and subsequent treatment to a hapless expecting woman and all those responsible for this criminal act will have to be made accountable for their negligence of duties. He regretfully mentioned that he has been visiting the hospital number of times and the provincial government is dumping huge funds for improving healthcare facilities but still there has been no visible improvement.
This timely action by the chief minister against two senior health officials is commendable indeed and this will certainly and surely send a stern warning to all the public servants particularly health officials to do their duties efficiently, honestly and sincerely. In all fairness, the two ministers looking after the health sector should also be pulled up by the chief minister and told to deliver and do not bring bad name to him and the provincial government.

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