Timely clarification by Nisar

WHILE giving a clear message to India that all their state sponsored terrorists would be apprehended wherever they are in Pakistan, Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday while addressing a news conference also emphatically rejected the impression created by some quarters that Iran has some links with the RAW network.
In the wake of arrest of RAW’s Officer Kulbushan Jadav in Balochistan a sort of impression had been created in the media that the Indian spies have the support and backing of Iranian authorities to perpetrate sabotage activities in Pakistan. The Iranian High Commissioner, the other day, also lambasted these offensive contents against Tehran. In this backdrop, we believe that Ch Nisar, known for speaking with authority and in unequivocal terms, rightly came up to give a shut-up call to those spreading rumours against the Iranian brothers on such a sensitive issue. The two neighbouring countries enjoy excellent relations – the ones that are deep rooted in common faith, history and culture and these relations might be a thorn in the eyes of our enemies who do not want peace and stability in Pakistan as well as the region. Therefore, those at the top positions in both the countries need to enhance engagements and work in close collaboration to foil such evil designs. The arrested spy admitted that he and his close associate Rakesh were covertly based in Chahbahar under the guise of a jeweller and businessman. This does not at all indicate that they were also in connivance with the Iranian authorities and had it been so, they would not have acquired false identities. To remain safe from the eyes of security forces, these spies operated with different names in Pakistan to facilitate separatists and foment terrorism and sectarianism. As the story of Jadav stands disclosed, what is incumbent upon both on Iran and Pakistan is to enhance their intelligence sharing and strengthen border management in order to avoid free movement and space to these Indian state terrorists. We welcome Iranian ambassador’s assurance to Pakistan on the issue of RAW bringing the two countries closer on all such issues of regional security.

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