Time to assess

Hashim Abro

In the wake of Quetta carnage and the recent spikes in targeted killings in Karachi, our incumbent rulers have come under harsh criticism. A man in the street often asks this question: When will this cycle of vicious suicide bombings, targeted killings and mass massacre end in this country of ours which is virtually bleeding through its length and breadth?
It is time to assess and re-assess and reflect on this point as to what has gone wrong with our policy in practice. Had our rulers possessed a wisdom of head and a wisdom of heart, they could join it and put it in use because now is the definite time to save this society and state.
Above all, our rulers must be true to God first and be sincere in their public policy, programme, actions and operation and unite the nation to fight the enemy with sound convictions and strong character.
— Islamabad

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