Time to reconstruct FATA

LIKE his predecessor, incumbent Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa is also frequently visiting tribal areas and meeting troops engaged in counter terrorism operations besides reviewing the progress on rehabilitation of temporarily displaced persons. On Monday, the army chief spent the day with troops in Khyber Agency. Talking to them, Gen Bajwa said that authority of the State has largely been restored in the areas and that country is progressing towards enduring peace and stability.
Apart from a few isolated incidents, there is no doubt that overall security situation stands improved in tribal areas. Credit for this goes to security personnel and tribal people who in fact gave tremendous sacrifices including leaving their homes in order to pave the way for a successful operation. History bears witness to matchless sacrifices and unshakeable loyalty of the people of FATA. They are true patriots and even their unfortunate marginalisation has failed to dent their patriotism. As peace largely stands restored in many areas, it is time that government speeds up reconstruction and rehabilitation work in order to help the people stand on their own feet. In fact we are standing at a decisive stage and are facing a now-or-never situation. Government deserves credit for preparing a comprehensive FATA reforms package and time has come to implement this package in letter and in spirit, without any dillydallying, in order to gain people’s trust thus ensuring a bright future for the region.

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