Time for Afghanistan to act

PAKISTAN once again demonstrated its serious intent to eradicate last bastions of terrorists along the border areas with Afghanistan as security forces, completing the first phase of Operation Khyber-4, cleared the highest and craggiest Brekh Muhammad Khandao mountaintop on Saturday, killing many terrorists and forcing others to flee to Afghanistan.
It is indeed a major success achieved in a matter of just few days. Though the operation was aimed at targeting critical areas in FATA, it is regrettable that the Afghan side instead of welcoming the initiative resorted to negative propaganda campaign and opted to oppose Khyber-4 which clearly indicates that the Afghan government is least interested to cooperate with Pakistan on security related matters. In the past also, the Afghan authorities have always tried to create hurdles in the way of better management of border by opposing moves such as the construction of gate at Torkham and fencing of border by Pakistan. In fact these steps are aimed at checking the movement of undesirable elements but the Afghan opposition to them reflects that they want to protect terrorist elements from being eliminated. In this regard, there are also clear proofs that the Indian RAW and the Afghan NDS are working together to stoke terror in Pakistan. We believe the security situation will not improve as long as the Afghan leadership is under New Delhi’s influence. It is a matter of record that the way Pakistani troops have dented major blows to terrorists in recent years, the US troops have failed to do so in Afghanistan where in fact more terror groups are gaining strength now. Instead of blaming Pakistan, Afghan and the US need to fulfil their responsibilities and take action against elements that pose threat to regional peace, without any discrimination. As Pakistani troops have tightened the noose around terrorists, those fleeing to other side of the border should not find any refuge or safe haven rather be crushed. Providing patronage to them will keep the region at boiling point. Along with this, the Afghan side should not waste time and show seriousness towards revival of the QCG process in order to initiate dialogue process with Taliban. Though difficult but with sincerity of purpose and commitment, the peace process can be made result oriented. This is the only forward to attain durable peace.

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