Till the counting is done..!

AND throughout this great land of India, there is a silence. A silence before the cackling and cacophony that will greet the morrow. The people have spoken and for a day, just for a day, every politician in this country of ours wonders what we have spoken.
Just today, the politician bully who walks with sneer on face, frightening widows and senior citizens walks carefully. He knows that tomorrow will decide whether his deeds of the past five years will land him in prison or give him another five years of doing the same.
He smiles at the people on the street, not sure whether they will decide to string him from tree or electric pole. He warily looks at prison walls and wonders whether his spoilt stomach and equally spoilt body will be able to adjust to the sparse food served inside. Just today he tells his wife to cook the simplest of meals to get used to bread and water, just in case.
Just today the wily fellow clambers onto wall and fence, ready to jump onto the side that bids the most for him. He knows that the auctioneers hammer will ring from morn to dawn, that every newspaper and TV channels will say that he is sold, but he, wily fellow will sell himself again and again and again, till with triumphant squeal he sits on minister’s chair,.
Just today, he who has read the exit polls and sees the writing on the wall, starts distancing himself from ill gotten gains that lie around. His wife of many years finds herself to be rich beyond her many years. She looks as property she had never heard off before is transferred to her name and to her sister’s and brother and cousins.
She watches as jewellery is hidden down holes and shafts and cotton mattress replaces Dunlop bed, just in case the new man in seat decides to come a visiting along with local police in tow. Plastic bangles replace the gold and old saris come out. She does not care, she knows that soon all will be back. Its just a charade.
Just today we citizens of this great land should lift our hearts and minds with glee. No white kurta pyjama figure in Ambassador car to block the roads and cause traffic jam. No neta to garland, no meaningless rhetoric to listen to!
Just today there is a sense of peace. Enjoy it, for tomorrow will begin a new sound. The sound of whispering as bargains are struck. The scraping of feet as floors are crossed. The rustling of notes as members are bought.
Just today there is a silence. And if this same silence could be stretched and blanket the five years ahead what peace there would be in this land of ours. But this is not to be. Members of extreme outfits will give reason for party downfall and will raise ire to spill blood again. Different banners with different shining India’s will be raised again and again. So just today, enjoy the day.
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