Tib-i-Nabvi (SAWW)

Certainly! History is witnessing even today – height of science and technology – that until humanity remained in touch with Tib-e-Nabvi (SAW), they were better-healthy. And when, left this way of treatment, became in grip of countless diseases. The reason is that this way of treatment was/is nearest to the Nature. Here, scribe, intends to mention that my mother is 80+. She became weak physically and mentally specially. The test reports were normal. Even then, the doctors prescribed many medicines for her use in remaining life. After study of one tablet, I found that its contents were also containing particle of turmeric. I studied this herb, skipped allopathic medicines one-by-one and replaced with turmeric, black-seed (kolonji), olive oil, dates, honey, eggs, barley and its by-products etc). So, she is fine except mental weakness till-now which is natural at this age!
It is, therefore, requested to responsible heads of M/o Health to build Dar–ul-Hikmats side-by-side Hospitals. And, if a Hakeem (who studied 4-5 year course) should be honoured equal to a Doctor. In this regard, we can get benefit of the setup of Hakeem Saeed (late). Include a chapter of Hikmat in school-course-books from very beginning for example – drinking of warm-water etc. The Chinese have been doing so for thousands of years, therefore, they are better health-wise. This is the best way for getting rid of western medicines on which we spend trillions. And sometimes the manufacturer blocks the medicines when intends to raise prices. Let’s collect and cultivate herbs for using them directly and preparation of medicines for treatment easily, quickly and cheaply. And also, because, Nature provides herbs for human beings locality-wise, except a few. So, let’s give priority to Tib-e-Nabvi.

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