Foreign militants married to Pakistani ladies

No compromise with foreign militants, will have to leave Pakistan , Defiants to be dealt with iron hand, come what may , Talks with willing Taliban, previous crimes to be pardoned, may keep their weapons

Zahid Malik

Monday, September 09, 2013 – Islamabad—The Pakistan Observer is privy to the well-debated final strategy ultimately evolved by the State apparatus to deal with terrorists and militants. The policy evolved by the civilian government with inputsof all the stake-holders was duly stamped by the Corps Commanders at a crucial meeting on September 5, 2013, chaired by the cool-minded Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

Pakistan is now all set to put the agreed strategy into operation against the militants, the hallmark of which would be zero-tolerance for the Arab and Central Asian militants. The process of giving them a final warning was already underway and the arrest of an Al-Qaeda operative from a university in Punjab on September 6, 2013, was the beginning of an operation against Pakistan-based foreign militants.

The strategy reflects sagacity and a sense of pragmatic accommodation for those elements with whom an understanding of dialogue has already been developed. Some Taliban militants released on Friday last are already in Doha, Qatar to facilitate the ongoing dialogue with Taliban leaders. Cases instituted against all those who will be engaged in dialogue would soon be withdrawn.

The Pakistan Observer has further understands that they would also be given reasonable compensation, stipends, particularly the tribal youth would be benefited by income-support programmes. “The tribal youth would be encouraged to start a normal life and play their part in the development and education of their own areas,” a source said.

Though the Government would also withdraw the Armed Forces, heavy equipment and dismantle its bases but would keep check-posts till full implementation of the agreement. The militants arrested during all this period, numbering around 1100, would also be released in phases and no cases against them would be pursued provided they abide by their commitments made in advance.

The strategy evolved with the input of all the stakeholders also lays emphasis on fast track development of the tribal belt with the establishment of factories, schools and hospitals and other developmental projects.

The foreign militants, particularly the most dangerous ones are associated with Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad Union, Khorasan Force, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Turkestan Islamic Party, Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement, Jundullah, German Taliban, Jandul Khalafa, Ansar al Aseerul Mujahideen and Fidayeen al Islam and they would be forced to leave.

Interestingly, some Pakistanis including Hakeemullah Mehsud of the TTP and Matiur Rehman and Qari Zafar of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are considered as “foreign agents” and cannot be, therefore, accepted as part of any negotiating team.

Foreign militants married to Pakistani ladies

THE agreed strategy to

deal with terrorism en

visages a sense of accommodation for those foreign militants who have married inside Pakistani territory and have children as well in the process.

They would be allowed to stay in Pakistan on the condition that in future they would not indulge in any militant training etc and they would also be totally forbidden to lead prayers as Imams or become Muezzin or deliver lectures. “Local tribal leaders would be held responsible for any violations,” the source confided

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