Threatened asset….

Ramsha Khan

Legends die hard! They survive as truth rarely does. Amjad Sabri was indeed a legend and led an exemplary life throughout his personal, social and spiritual career. He became the victim of the great game, which is being played in Karachi since last three decades. We mourn individually and collectively, as can be seen on his funeral but is this enough?
Are we waiting for the next tragedy and how long we the Karachiites would lose such precious souls in this brutal manner? The point is we are not waking up, we are contended on carrying dead bodies but do not dare to raise voice against this system, against this violence and blood-bath which is not ending.
During the last few decades, we have lost several renowned personalities who without any reason became the victim of such agonal deaths and most importantly these ‘namaloom killers’ are known to every layman, but the authorities are blind enough to show any credibility or responsibility.
It is clearly evident that the killers are targeting the educated and noble minds of our society, which is a threat to our national asset of academicians, philanthropists, artists, doctors etc. May Allah bless Amjad sabri highest ranks in Jannah and his family with Sabr-e- Jamil (amen)
—Via emial

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