‘A threat to Ka’aba is threat to entire ummah’


The Imam of Holy Ka’aba, Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad Ibrahim, has said that any threat to the Holy Ka’aba would be a threat to the entire Ummah.
Addressing a mammoth gathering at Mansoora mosque after leading Fajr prayers there on Monday, the Imam e Ka’aba said that Holy Ka’aba was the centre of the devotion of the Muslims all over the world who offered their prayers with their faces in the direction of the Kaaba.
However, he said, the enemy wanted to harm the Muslims holiest places in order to undermine their unity and unanimity and the Ummah itself.
Earlier, the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, welcomed the Imam e Kaaba at Mansoora.
Thousands of men, women, young and old, offered Fajr prayer in the leadership of the Imam e Kaaba.
Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad said that Islam was the religion of peace and love and the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was the mercy for the whole world. Islam, he said, was against all form of aggression and it had nothing to do with terrorism.
On the other hand, the Muslims were the target of terrorism. He said that Pakistan was the source of strength for the entire Muslim world which looked towards Pakistan with great hope and expected this country to play a leading role in resolving the Ummah’s problems.
The Imam e Kaaba said that the efforts for the unity of the Muslim Ummah made by the Pakistan government, its Islamic movements or religious parties, the media or the Pakistani people were commendable.
The JI chief, Senator Sirajul Haq, while welcoming the Imam e Ka’aba at Mansoora, said that Saudi Arabia and the Haramain e Sharifain were the centers of love and devotion of the Muslims all over the world.
The Pakistanis considered Saudi Arabia their second home and the presence of the Imam e Kaaba in their midst was a highly precious moment for them.
The JI chief said the visit of the Imam e Ka’aba had strengthened the efforts being made in this country for the enforcement of the Islamic system. He said that the enemy had thrust a war on the Muslim world and was conspiring to divide the Ummah on different basis. However, he was sure that the enemy conspiracies would fail. —INP

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