Threat to Iranian stability

IRAN’S Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has accused foes for fomenting unrest in the country. In his first public reaction to the ongoing countrywide protests against the government, he said the enemy is supporting the trouble through all tactics including cash, weapons, politics and intelligence apparatus.
The unrest in the country began with small protests and demonstrations against economic hardships and corruption but they are now assuming political dimensions as protesters are chanting anti-government slogans in different cities and towns and the United States is openly working for a regime change as per its past policies it tried and failed in the Arab world. That the United States is supporting the unrest and is interested to exploit the opportunity against Iran is manifest from the announcement by Washington to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council and UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to discuss human rights situation in Iran. There are no two opinions that attempts are being made to create unrest in Iran but authorities in Tehran must exercise restraint and respond with care to foil the conspiracy. There is absolutely no point to raise accusing fingers towards Saudi Arabia as doing so would amount furthering designs of the United States that wants to create and widen rifts within the Muslim Ummah. It is not a coincident that trouble in Iran has begun simultaneously with pressure tactics against Pakistan by the United States and threats of unilateral action. All this is surely aimed at triggering turmoil and instability in the region and some recent developments in Balochistan could also be linked to the great game. Therefore, the preferred approach for the Iranian leadership should be to hold dialogue with protestors and take measures to pacify them for the sake of national unity and solidarity so as to foil enemy designs.

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