Threat of another march

PTI Chief Imran Khan has once again threatened to march on Islamabad, this time on the pretext of government creating hurdles in the way of accountability process. Referring to the brawl outside the premises of the accountability court in Islamabad on Friday, he said PTI would march on the Federal Capital even if it means fall of the Shahid Khaqan Abbasi-led PML(N) Government.
Though the speech of the PTI leader was bye-election related rhetoric but the way he talks frequently about destabilizing the elected Government and its leg pulling is highly deplorable. People have given mandate to a party to serve for five years and according to neutral observers too the PML(N) is delivering much better than all other Governments of the past as well as PPP and PTI governments in Sindh and KP respectively. One fails to understand why PTI chief is in hurry to reach the corridors of power through foul means when elections are due in a few months and he would get an opportunity to fight and try his luck. However, the way PTI leader and Awami League leader Sheikh Rashid are making frantic endeavours to bring the government down at all costs is indicative of the fact that they have no hopes of realizing their dream through democratic means. We have been stressing in these columns time and again that all elected governments, irrespective of the which party is in power, should be allowed to run the country for full five years so that people get an opportunity to assess its performance and make a decision in the next elections. PPP lost five years, indulged in just corrupt practices and undertook nothing tangible for the benefit of the people and as a consequence it not only stood rejected in the electoral battle in 2013 but is unable to make any impact on national political scene even now. People are the best judge of performance of the Government and other political parties should demonstrate maturity. Country was progressing ahead and political turmoil is hindering developmental process and therefore, there must be an end to self-centred politics.

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