Thousands of Afghans enter home country via Torkham border

Nasib Shah Shinwari


The political administration and security force officials have said on Wednesday that some 24000 Afghan nationals have entered Afghanistan via Torkham border in two days while some 500 Pakistani from Afghanistan also entered via Torkham on Wednesday.
Afghan nationals with valid passport and stamped visa are allowed to enter Afghanistan via Torkham border after passing through strictly checking of their travel documents and luggage by security officials. Official told mediamen.
The security force officials at Torkham also informed mediamen in Landikotal that those Pakistani having original Computerized National Identify card(CNIC) could enter Pakistan via Torkham border.
The Pak-Afghan border Torkham was opened for pedestrians till late evening and according to the officials’ some 24000 Afghan nationals have entered in Afghanistan via Torkham border till late evening on Wednesday.
Meanwhile a prominent tribal elder of Landikotal and a senior leader of Awami national party Malak Darya Khan Afridi while addressing a news conference at Landikotal press club urged the high authorities of both Pakistan and Afghanistan to settle the disputes and issues through diplomatic dialogues. He said and suggested to Pak authorities that border closure was not the solution to resolve issues between Islamabad and Kabul regimes.
Malak Darya Khan Afridi said that tribal people’s economic position have already deteriorated since a long time and now the closure of Pak-Afghan border at Torkham and Chaman caused a big loss and have weaken the tribal’s people finance. He said the closure of the border was creating misunderstanding and hatred among the government and common people of both Muslim countries.
He demanded the government of Pak and Afghanistan to come to a table talks and resolve their disputes through a peaceful negotiation process. Afridi criticized the PML-N government that despite the dispute of Kashmir and the occupation of Kashmiri land by indian troops the Wagah border between Pakistan and India had not closed but unfortunately being Muslim neighbors the Pak-Afghan border at Torkham and Chaman has remained sealed from last 19 days. Malak Darya Khan Afridi also suggested and urged the Afghan regime not to follow India government conspiracy against Pakistan on the Afghan soil to harm the brethren relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
He demanded the government of Pakistan to resume transport and trade at Pak-Afghan border Torkham to avoid further loss to local transporters and tribesmen of the region. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan announced to seal all crossing points with Afghanistan on 17th February after the terrorists attack on the Sufi Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Shrine in the Sind province of Pakistan where some 80 persons martyred and the security agencies of Pakistan say the terrorists attacks were planned inside Afghanistan.

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