Thickness of crease marking is irrelevant: MCC


Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Moeen Ali’s dismissal (st. Tim Paine, b. Nathan Lyon) on the fourth day of the ongoing first Ashes Test at Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane sparked debate when the third umpire declared him out because many including former Australian captain Michael Clarke believe that he should have been given the benefit of doubt.
The debate started when batsman’s shoe was believed to be marginally inside the crease.
Many are questioning the thickness of the line the ground staff have painted.
However, the thickness of the line is irrelevant, according to the MCC, the Custodian of the Laws of the game.
“The thickness of the crease marking is irrelevant. The Laws clearly state that the crease itself is the part of the line closest to the stumps, i.e. the back edge. As long as that edge of the line is in the correct place, the thickness of the line doesn’t matter”, Fraser Stewart, the MCC Cricket Academy Manager, speaking exclusively, said.
Moeen Ali has “moved on” with the decision and has said, “You’ve got to respect the umpire’s call and move on.” He couldn’t be more phlegmatic about it.
His father, Munir Ali, who has been instrumental in Moeen’s cricketing career, however, believes that the benefit of doubts should have come to his son’s rescue.
Speaking exclusively from London, he said, “the decision should have come in batsman’s favor. There was no conclusive evidence that he was out of the crease”.
“The decision has changed the entire complexion of the game. A big partnership (with Jonny) would have put England in good position”.
“Yes, Moeen loves to go out of the crease and smash or play positive cricket”, he signed off.
Munir Ali got up at 12 midnight to watch the game and was awake till 3.30 am.