They are lying

Naveed Aman Khan

Imran Khan admitted that ladies he came across he fell truly in love only once and that was a British girl Emma Seargent. After Emma with rest of the ladies he maintained his otherwise relationship without love. Imran Khan almost 67 years old, aspiring for premiership of Pakistan, divorced twice, is father of two adult sons. Bushra Manika mother of five adult children, out of whom three are daughters. Her two sons are Aitchison graduates and studying abroad . Her married daughters have children even. So she is grandmother and self-acclaimed spiritual middle aging lady .This lady has been spending happily married life for the last thirty years with her highly educated husband. Her husband Khawar Manika is grade 21 officers presently serving as Director General Legal in FBR. Husband and wife excellent life took drastic turn when the lady caught eye of twice divorced Imran Khan from Mianwali. This man is cricketer-turned-politician whose two young sons Qasim, Salman and one young daughter Tyrain live in London with his former wife Jamima Goldsmith. Tyrain is Imran’s illegitimate daughter born to her mother Sita White without marriage. Jamima-Imran marriage collapsed after nine years. Divorced Imran’s second marriage was again with divorced lady Reham Khan. Reham has four children from her first husband and no issue from Imran. This marriage lasted only ten months and ended on yet another divorce. Then he entered somehow in Khawar Manika family in disguise of spiritualism. He beats the drum of spiritualism so does the lady. If it was spiritualism what made them hide and tell lies one after the other about their relationship. Both are lying. Does spiritualism force and tend lying. Spiritualism purifies or malafies? Spiritualism even could not stop him telling lies. The logic of self-acclaimed spiritual lady about her relationship is pathetic. A man who has never been a practicing Muslim at all and his entire life does not reflect any sign of religious influence on him suddenly turns towards “spiritualism” after catching her eye.
He developed relationship with Khawar Manika to justify his interaction with the lady. The lady started developing differences with her husband Khawar Manika after developing affair with Imran. A few months back Khawar-Bushra marriage started creating problems in way of “their spiritualism”. Surprisingly, spiritualism was getting hindered after Imran Khan entered their life.
The new husband and wife seem fraud. Both Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi name their voluptuous relationship spiritual. Carnality has always been overcoming Imran. He spent voracious and licentious life throughout. His concupiscence always brings disgrace to him. The other day Ayesha Gulalai raised voice against his obnoxious behaviour with her. She showed serious concerns over indecency of Imran Khan. About Imran-Bushra scandal many reasons and questions are in the jackpot.
Firstly, amazingly “spirituality” was being hindered by husband of thirty years, but it will be fine with Imran Khan who may or may not become Prime Minister of Pakistan. Secondly, is it lady’s age to remarry having married children? This goes for Imran Khan too, it’s his son’s age to marry now, he should stop behaving like an over-sex-starved spring chicken. Thirdly, shame on Imran Khan, an Oxford graduate, for believing in these fake and fraud peer or peerni. His weak faith in Allah shows that he even needs such aid to become prime minister? It reflects he is sure he can’t become Premier with vote. He wants to get in PM House by hook or by crook, no matter how he stages lowest level of drama of spiritualism.
Fourthly, shame on peerni and Imran for seducing each other whilst indulging in so-called spiritual activities. He too has used religion for his personal political objectives like mullahs. He wants to capture vote bank of Barelvis of Punjab. In the name of religion and spiritualism how selfish and morally very weak lady can become sign of fortune for Imran who shatters her family herself scattering all family members including her former husband. She strays her family like straws and claims that her fortune will make Imran prime minister. Her spiritualism couldn’t save her family and she will help Imran in becoming prime minister. What a shallow and acrobatic feet it is?
Fifthly, a man dependent on Peerni is not suitable to govern Pakistan which is in trouble of every kind. During the most tumultuous and turbulent years of Pakistan Imran Khan has decided to handle gigantic issues with mind of peerni. Can a country, governed under influence of peerni, move ahead with Chinese practical nation? Can we counter US-India nexus against Pakistan with this approach? Is world being governed by peernis? Are world powers moving ahead with this belief? This witchcraft is his last hope to take him to PM House. It reflects a hollow mind man design to govern Pakistan at time when America and India are ready to destroy it. Will peerni lead this nation? What the hell it is?
Imagine how Chinese President Xi Jin Ping steered China making it matchless country. Is this peerni going to make decisions on security, economic and foreign policy issues of Pakistan? Imran will seek her help for every matter as mureed has to follow peerni. Seventhly, this peerni will govern him and Pakistan. His mental health is a big question mark. Eighthly, he is not seriously committed, devoted, disciplined and focused in his cause to rule. Lastly, each time he reaches near his goal of coming to little power he kicks it up big time by his own.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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