‘They’ are after my father’s business, says Nawaz

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Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that if “they” want to conduct his accountability then it should start from 1937, “when God started blessing us”, adding that, “they are just after my father’s business”.
Nawaz Sharif was talking with reporters inside the accountability court hearing the London flats case against him and his family.
The former premier questioned why new corruption references were filed when nothing came up in the old references, adding that, “there’s nothing in our case but even then something is being dug up”.
“Rental power and NICL are cases where corruption was proved,” he said, referring to the scams in the previous government of the Pakistan Peoples Party.
Adding to her father, Maryam Nawaz said all the documents presented in court have been submitted by them. “There’s no life in the case,” she said, adding first they said the flats our mine, then said they are Nawaz’s.
She stated that “they” ask us how we got all these assets…you have blamed us of corruption, you should prove it too”.
Taking a jibe at Nawaz’s political arch-rival Imran Khan, Maryam said, “he accepted ownership of his offshore company but was told ‘no, you have done no wrong. She added that even when Imran submitted false documents, it was said that, “no even this is fine”.
She was likely referring to the acquittal of Imran in the offshore companies case by the Supreme Court last year and the recent incident wherein it was alleged that Imran’s Bani Gala estate was built illegally and he had submitted the falsified documents to the Supreme Court.

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