These killer strings

THERE is complete ban on kite flying in cities of Punjab and the provincial Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has also time and again issued strict directions to implement the ban in letter and in spirit for the sake of people’s life yet it is regrettable that incidents of throat-slitting caused by lethal strings continue to emerge from different parts of the province, which speak volumes of the failure of police to curb kite and string manufacturing.
In an unfortunate incident, a 4-year old girl was killed when a glass laced kite string slit her throat in Lahore the other day. The deadly string also critically injured other family members. In fact this is not the first incident of its kind in which we have seen the motorcyclists getting entangled by the string. Though the Punjab CM has taken serious notice of these incidents but the ban cannot be implemented fully until and unless the supply chain of kites and chemical coated strings is not stopped forthwith. For this the police on the pattern of Punjab Food Authority need to raid houses at small alleys and bring the sellers of death to the task as per law. Strict action against these elements has become imperative to save the lives of innocent souls having no interest whatsoever in the kite flying. Though many people especially kite enthusiasts were and still opposed to ban on kite flying or the basant celebrations describing it as part of a centuries old culture, yet in our view nothing more is precious than the life of a person and the government has done the right thing to place a permanent ban on the event that over the years had become more bloody and also damaging the transmission infrastructure of WAPDA. It is also time for the parents to fulfil their responsibilities and keep their kids away from this dangerous game to avoid any accident in their own house or that of the neighbours and those travelling on the roads.

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