Theresa’s pragmatic remarks

AS the European Union is moving towards implementation of highly discriminatory verdict of the EU’s top court regarding ban on headscarf, British Prime Minister Theresa May has categorically stated that it is not for governments to tell women what to wear and what not. She told Parliament on Wednesday that Britain has a strong tradition of freedom of expression and it is right of women to choose how they dress.
British Prime Minister remarks have once again confirmed true democratic credentials of the country and its policy of upholding values and rights of freedom and liberty. This clear difference in thinking and approach also explains why the United Kingdom sought to distance herself from the European Union. Though the EU countries are explaining that verdict of the court is applicable to believers of all religions but headscarf being a religious obligation of Muslim women, the move is clearly targeted at Islam and its believers. There were times when hue and cry was raised in the West over the veil but now even headscarf is not acceptable as it relates to Islam. All this is happening despite the fact that constitutions of all these countries ensure freedom of expression and non-discrimination on the basis of gender, creed or faith. As pointed out by British Prime Minister, there can be occasions like security checks when women can be asked to remove veil or even headscarf but there is absolutely no justification to ban Hejab in educational institutions or private life of the citizens. It is strange that on the one hand, there are talks about the need for assimilation and cohesion but on the other hand measures are being introduced that would increase friction within Western societies.

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