There is utmost need to embrace our lives with Islamic values: Ahmad

Love for Prophet (PBUH) basis of faith

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Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeemul Arifeen of shrine Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) organized Annual Melaad e Mustafa and Haq Bahoo conference at Jinnah Convention Centre. Patron-in-chief Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Ali presided over the conference.
Secretary General of Jamaat and Tanzeem Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali while addressing the conference said, the most sacred affiliation is of Holy Prophet(PBUH) and his companions. Medina had no value before the arrival of Prophet (PBUH) but it soon gathered fame and got the status of the holiest city and became Madina Munawara.
Prophet (PBUH) declared Medina Munawara his own city. Prophet (PBUH) did not only forbid killings, ill treatment or misdeeds towards living beings in the city but also declared trees, mountains, and animals under peace.
Sahibzada said, self-accountability and purification of inner self is of pivotal importance. Only the claims of love with Prophet (PBHU) will be of no use. In the end, Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali concluded that anything whatsoever affiliated with Prophet (PBUH) gets utmost heights. Similarly, when a heart affiliates itself with Prophet (PBUH), it finds the peace of both worlds. The cures of Muslims’ doom rests in the ethics and morality taught by Prophet (PBUH). There is utmost need to embrace our lives with Islamic values. We can obtain same heights as that of Muslims’ golden time if we whole heartedly adopt Prophet (PBUH) teachings and infuse our heart with His love.
Thousands of people from various walks of life including politicians, journalists, university students and professors participated in the event. Hazrat Sultan Muhammad patron-in-chief Jamaat & Tanzeem prayed for the unity of Ummah. A large number of people joined Islahee Jamaa t& Aalmi Tanzeemul Arifeen on this auspicious occasion.

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