The US shouldn’t defy world

AS Conference of 70 countries, held in Paris, came out with a pragmatic declaration on Arab-Israeli dispute, warning Israel and the Palestinians against “unilateral steps” on Jerusalem and borders that could threaten a negotiated solution to their seven-decade conflict, the United States so far persists with its plans to shift its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a step that could further complicate the problem and push the issue further away from peaceful resolution. It is in this backdrop that French Foreign Minister has warned that the move would be a provocation with serious consequences.
The position adopted by Paris Conference and statement of the French Minister are reflective of the will of global community that has passed hundreds of resolutions aimed at just and peaceful resolution of the Middle East conflict. The US earned a lot of goodwill by abstaining a resolution passed by the UN Security Council last month condemning Israeli settlements in Arab occupied territories and this was described by political analysts and geo-strategists as a step in the right direction. However, decision of President-elect Donald Trump to shift the embassy to Jerusalem will not only wipe out this goodwill but also escalate the tension further. It is a potentially colossal blunder — not just for Palestinians, but for America’s diplomatic reputation and standing, and also for Israel’s national security as deterioration in situation in the Middle East would, in no way, strengthen security of the Jewish State. Since 1947, international community has unanimously regarded Jerusalem as a corpus separatum whose future and precise political status must be determined through negotiations between Israel and the Arabs, particularly the Palestinians. It is because of international consensus on status of Jerusalem that all embassies are in Tel Aviv but the US decision would be in violation of international consensus and also trampling of resolutions of the UN body on the dispute. If the US moves its embassy to occupied Jerusalem, it would constitute recognition of Jerusalem as part of Israel and this could add to frustration of Palestinians. We hope better sense would prevail and Washington would not take a decision that could be remembered as a historical mistake by a super power.

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