The transport crisis

Yamna Batool

I want to draw the attention of responsible authorities towards the severe urban public transport problem which is aggravating in the city with each passing day and now has become the most serious one being faced by Karachiites.
Most of the people of Karachi depend on the buses, mini buses and coaches as many of them do not have their personal convenience; cars and bikes and the fares of taxis and rickshaws are not affordable for them. Travelling through buses is a relatively cheap method and all types of people from a common man to a well-to-do citizen travels in them. Due to the shortage of buses, residents have to face many difficulties as the buses are fewer and population is great.
This small number of buses causes people to change several buses to reach their destination. The buses which roam around in the city are unreliable, poorly maintained and outdated with less capacity for passengers. Most of the time, the buses are loaded with more-than-capacity passengers. And because of this, majority of the passengers is not able to sit on the seats and are forced to cling to the doors or perch on the roofs of the buses to take a ride. Moreover, the reckless driving by the bus drivers can turn into a hazardous accident at any moment as well as overloading can cause unbalancing and collapse of buses. Furthermore, there are limited seating capacities in the women compartment of the buses and mini buses. This allocation of less space for women in public transports causes major hurdle for women mobility.
The Provincial and city governments seem to be lacking a vision and strategy to deal with the situation where the growing population is looking for an increased and well maintained number of public transport means but the number of vehicles is on the decline due to a number of reasons. Therefore, there should be a proper policy to resolve public transport issue and the concerned authorities should take notice to improve the transport sector in Karachi.

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