The shaking land

Yamna Batool

Recently a severe 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Pakistan. The country has witnessed many earthquakes in the past years which have caused fear and panic among people. An earthquake can strike at any hour of the day or night because it is almost impossible to predict an earthquake and people are taken by surprise. People if not aware how to react on sensing jolts of an earthquake or what safety precautions are to be taken by them can result in heavy casualties.
Pakistan is located in an earthquake prone and a highly seismically active region which has experienced many disastrous earthquakes in the past and earth scientists predict that strong earthquakes will continue to strike this region for the foreseeable future. A number of efforts have been made to improve earthquake security, but the needs are massive, and much work remains to be done. The government should revise its disaster management policies and enhance them to make sure that they are well prepared before any other major earthquake takes place.
They should adopt the latest telecommunication links which should be designed in such a way that they do not break down easily. First Aid training should also be given to school and college students so that the students can tackle minor injuries, until medical teams arrive on scene. Furthermore, more of Earthquake proof buildings should be designed for the future as well as the public should not be allowed to use old buildings until passed by the government bodies.
The developed countries which lie on active fault lines, have adopted strict earthquake management policies. We should also apply these policies to our country so that we can also get positive results for our country.
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