The right of all

Sundus Mujeeb

Pakistan is a developing country where many young souls are deprived of education, because of the fact that their main aim is to attain the basic necessities of life. It’s difficult for those parents who want their children to attain good education but are unable to fulfil their desires because they lack resources.
Education being the right of each and every individual of the nation, it has become a dream of the slum, however, the rich of the society spend a huge amount of money in the name of giving quality education to their children. They should realize this point that the way they waste massive amount of money on their children for their bright future, they should also give at least something to help the poor who are also a part of our nation and can help in the betterment of the state. Similarly, I want to request the school management that they should not only focus on earning money but also try to provide education to those children who have the potential but they are unable to do so as their first priority is to get bread, clothing and shelter.
Through your newspaper I want to request the government that they should collect funds, keep a good share of education in budget and should also modernise govt. schools and make them good enough for students to receive quality education with dignity.

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