The RAW factor

Sultan M Hali

Commander Kulbushan Yadhav, the RAW agent arrested for spying in Balochistan is the smoking gun that Pakistan has been looking for. The RAW operative, who is singing like a canary, is only the tip of the iceberg. RAW has dug its tentacles deep in Balochistan and besides destabilising Pakistan, has been machinating to disrupt the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Over 500 RAW operatives are now known to be working at different tiers to cause mayhem and insurgency in Balochistan and Karachi.
Commander Kulbushan Yadhav was in his element, as he utilised his expertise to traffic RAW operatives from the Iranian port of Chahbahar to Makran coast. His disclosures are enabling the law enforcement agencies to tighten the dragnet around the spooks engaged in carrying out their heinous acts on Pakistan’s soil. Unfortunately, Iranian territory is also being used by RAW to launch terror attacks in Pakistan.
RAW has been working at two levels to subvert Pakistan. Firstly, it is orchestrating false flag operations on its own vulnerable points but blaming Pakistan for it; secondly, it is aiding and abetting terror groups in Pakistan to create chaos and anarchy. Indian Air force Base Pathankot was attacked on Jan 02, 2016 by an unidentified group of terrorists. Indian authorities backed by their hyperactive media as usual, leveled baseless allegations against Pakistan. Pakistan being a responsible member of the international community condemned the attack and offered honest and sincere help to investigate the issue.
Pakistan’s stance has been appreciated and international community also asked both the countries to solve the issue through diplomacy. Therefore, the offensive behaviour of Indian leadership got toned down. Consequently, Pakistan formed a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) of professionals. This team was stonewalled in its efforts and denied access to the crime scene as well as it is being kept in the dark regarding the investigation by the Indian sleuths. If India had nothing to hide, it would not deprive the JIT of the evidence it had collected.
Pakistan is a peace loving country which refutes all kinds of terrorism in totality and has condemned the Pathankot attacks and promised to stand by international commitments. JIT is a serious step towards declared stance and international community knows the seriousness of Pakistan about fighting terrorism. Security policy of Pakistan, crafted after great deliberation, is supported by all stake holders including Government and Security institutions aims at eradicating terrorists from its soil. Pakistan is not only sincere in investigating the Pathankot incident, but is serious in addressing genuine concerns of India and international community.
This was the first ever effort by India to genuinely engage Pakistan, but is being spurned by the Indian authorities. Pakistan’s seriousness and non-involvement is reflective from Pakistan’s willing support for a fair investigation. Now India should open its doors for genuine investigation and share all proves to Pakistan sufficient enough for a tangible legal action.
In order to allow JIT to thoroughly investigate the case based on admissible evidence, Indian leadership must stop spitting venom and should not view Pakistan’s serious commitments with suspicion. Statements by Indian Defence Minister on not allowing access to JIT to the actual crime scene at the base can undermine the seriousness of bilateral commitments to find the truth. Team has to be allowed serious access to the Indian investigations as to ascertain the reality (varying claims are coming with regards to the strength of the killed terrorists).Pictures/photographs of only four Terrorists have been shared with the media so far. Hence it is must to find about remaining two.
Pakistan itself is facing terrorism challenges supported by regional and extra-regional actors. Most of such acts are committed from across Pakistan’s western borders supported by various elements. Creating unrest on Pakistan’s eastern borders can only be the wish of elements against peace in Pakistan. Such elements also want to project Pakistan negatively; hence involving Pakistan in Pathankot needs to be viewed in larger perspective of terrorism.
It is now believed that the odious attack on the Park in Lahore on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 the very day Pakistan’s JIT crossed over into India for investigations into the Pathankot attack, is in fact retaliation for apprehending Commander Kulbushan Yadhav, the senior RAW operative. India has been utilising RAW to dismember, destabilise and subvert Pakistan. After failing to win the 1965 War against Pakistan, India decided to establish a separate foreign intelligence agency under R.N. Kao, who was a deputy director of the Intelligence Bureau (IB). The new outfit was named as ‘the Research and Analysis Wing’ or RAW. Its first task was to dismember East Pakistan. Mukti Bahini was created and trained by RAW to carry out insurgency and rebellion. When the revolt was put down, RAW operatives upped the ante and Indian armed forces invaded East Pakistan under the pretext of aiding the Bengalis and created Bangladesh.
Not satisfied with the successive governments in Bangladesh, RAW choreographed coup d’états and rebellions, rigged elections and interfered directly till a pliant and malleable government under Sheikh Hasina Wajid was installed, which is anti Pakistan and pro India. The advent of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, gave a boost to RAW. Former IB head Ajit Doval was installed as the National Security Advisor of India while RAW and IB had new heads appointed who are known for their anti Pakistan stance. The trio and their PM Modi are rabid Pakistan baiters and have lost no opportunity to create situations where Pakistan can be pressurized, blamed and destabilized. Cross border terrorism, incessant firing across the LOC, supporting the terrorists in FATA and Waziristan and insurgents in Balochistan are all part of the grand plan to bring down Pakistan.
Indian media is an eager participant in Pakistan bashing and spares no opportunity denigrating its western neighbour. The incarceration of Commander Kulbushan Yadhav has provided Pakistan the evidence it has been seeking. It must now project to the world that India is a hostile neighbour and needs to curb its heinous plot utilizsing the RAW factor for promoting State Terrorism against Pakistan.
— The writer is retired PAF Group Captain and a TV talk show host.

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