The ‘R’ words..!

Like it not, the country’s economy has come to a standstill, and there’s fears of the dreadful R word staring at you and me, and the first thing you or even I want to do is run away, rush off to hide or rid oneself off such morbid thought! Notice all the ‘R’s that follow in the wake of a recession. But there’s some very positive ‘R’s, I’ve thought of, we could use them today to handle this dreadful ‘R’ word. The first ‘R’ word is ‘Recover’.
Yes sir, whether you’ve been sacked, facing a salary cut or been told to start looking around, you need to recover! Recover what? Why your confidence silly! What’s happening to you isn’t because of you, isn’t because you were less at your job, bad at your work, or didn’t possess the required leadership skills; oh no dear friend, it’s got nothing to do with you, it’s to do with outside forces.
Like facing a Tsunami, you didn’t cause it, nor can you stop it, how d’you ride it out? So ‘recover’ your confidence, get back your zest for life, shake depression off and realize you’ve got to get into battle gear and be in readiness for combat. And that’s the second ‘R’ word, be ‘Ready’ Get ready to pit yourself against the world’s best, because the world’s best are out there, in the same state as you. So look in the mirror, grin at yourself, oh yes, go ahead, it’s been some time since that face of yours creased into a smile isn’t it?
Treat yourself to a huge, big grin, then grit your teeth and say you are ready to do battle. It’s not going to be a fight of a day, it may take a couple, maybe a week, a month or two, but get ready to go all out and win.
To win you need to use the third ‘R’ word: To draw on your ‘Reserves’. Which could stand for resources, religion, resilience, whatever, but you’ve got to dig deep into yourself, into that stored away, stashed away reserve and use every ounce.
Let me explain; every challenge we’ve gone through in life equips us to fight a bigger one in the future, right? Okay so the future has arrived, go back down memory lane, remember every problem you overcame, draw into those memory reserves, think out how you overcame a particular past issue, what were the circumstances, what your feelings were, how you fought, and how you won.
Dig into your reserves and get your weaponry out! They’re still there, and you’re still as skilled, if not more so now. The fourth and last ‘r’ is ‘Rejoice!’ Rejoice you are part of a moment when you can come out a hero, a victor, that unlike a year ago when you were part of thousands who were automatically pushed up, you’re now being given a chance to push your own self up.
Rejoice as you see a new you emerging, rejoice as you thrash and batter the dreadful ‘Recesssion’ word with the bagful of other ‘R’s you are now equipped with..! This is Bob’s advice for you today, ‘Rout recession, raise resolve, recapture respectability ..!’

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