The problem of stray dogs

Rimsha Javed

Reports of people killing dogs can be seen almost every day in newspapers and on social media platforms these days. Nowhere is it written that animals are not a part of this country, even if they are living on the street.
No animal attacks unless threatened or attacked. Many people in our society consider stray dogs as a nuisance. They say things like: “Why aren’t they removed from here? They are dirtying our streets!” If the government was to start enforcing laws against the torture of homeless animals, those brutally attacking these dogs would finally receive punishment for their actions.
Giving severe consequences to the civilians killing stray dogs would surely steer others away from these cruel acts of violence. Instead of allowing the citizens of Karachi to take matters into their own hands, city officials should be striving to look for more humane and ethical ways of solving the distemper outbreak issue. Sterilization is the smartest solution to ultimately decrease the future stray dog population.
More awareness should be brought to this issue to show the need for free vaccination clinics, which would stop distemper in a dog before it could run its rampant course. Conclusively, it is plain inhumane and cruel to kill without reason. We as humans are looking forward to be more civilized but such acts will prove nothing but barbarism from us.

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