The power of reading

Abid Hussain

ACCORDING to the Oxford learner’s dictionary, the term reading is “the act of somebody who read or the action or skill of reading written or printed matter silently or aloud”. There are many types of reading of them the four main types of reading techniques are the following (1) Skimming (2) Scanning (3) Intensive (4) Extensive. Skimming is that type of readings in which readers can get a general idea of the meaning as opposed to the scanning technique which is reading in order to find specific information, e.g. Title, headings, figures or names, reading newspapers, messages and emails to just get general ideas and there is no need to read them deeply. Scanning is that method of reading habits which is useful to review material in general; it is a speedy source of reading material for acquiring general idea, not in-depth knowledge. Unlike skimming, in scanning, people can get information about a specific fact or even short information relevant to the individual. In scanning people can get the desired information in the least possible time, the best example is to find out the phone number of your friend in a phone directory.
Intensive reading is essential reading in depth and is usually done in the class, with each student having the same text. Intensive Reading is also known as “Narrow Reading”, it may direct a reader to read the selected material or similarly related topic which best matches the subject or the area. Intensive reading creates a rapid reading practice, also interpreting the text by using textual and non-textual information. Extensive reading is considered that type of reading, which is carried out to achieve a general understanding of a text explained by Brown 1989. Many readers are using the extensive type of reading strategy in which He is reading texts for the sake of enjoyment and also to develop general reading skills. When learners read a lot they meet thousands of lexical words which build up the vocabulary of the reader. When we are reading some printed material we find our ignorance and get more refined knowledge and new ideas which help us to achieve our goals and solve our problems by discovering new knowledge. One can improve himself/herself by reading more and more books. A person can improve his personality by reading some informative and enlightening book. He gets new ideas which helping them in self-improvement.
There are a few tips which improve reading habits in masses, these tips are mentioned below. (a) Determine your reading goal. All peoples are reading to achieve a specific goal. Most people are reading for passing exams, but there are some peoples who read to get awareness. Maybe so, before reading any book the reader ought to set a goal, that why he/she is actually reading this book or any other printed material. (b) Make a List of Books for Each Month: Once you set your reading goal for the year, you’ll need a list to back it up. Write a list of the amazing books you want to read. (c) Read at Least 10-20 Pages a Day: If you are looking to create a consistent reading pattern, then set out a particular number of pages per day would work out perfectly. Consider setting aside at least 10-20 pages per day to read, especially if you have a busy schedule. (d) Fix Your reading time: Many people’s have a busy schedule which disturbed an ideal routine work. Make some time free for reading and fix your time in such a way that within this time no other work should be done except reading. (e) Deciding what to read: If you have spare some time for reading then it is also the responsibility of the reader that what to be read stuff which makes them joyful by reading such material. (f) Get recommendations from Friends If you don’t know what to be read: ask your friends and find the best books in your surroundings, or go to the library to borrow them. (g) Go to Book festivals: In big cities, many book fairs and festival are organized by academic institutes and book suppliers, get some time and visit there and find books of your choice. (h) Spend some amount on Books: The last things which are very necessary for all readers cut some amount from your pocket money and buy books of your choice. If one can spend money on buying books, then he she may read it as well in spare time. When one can spend some amount over printed material if it not possible to get the book in high prices go to an old bookshop and there you may find books of your choice. By adopting such strategies one can become a good reader, and once habit of reading improves then society becomes more civilised by reading more books, once habit of reading improves then one can have more knowledge and also becomes confident in personal life which helps to fight depression and proper decision-making in life.
— The writer is working as Library Officer in Institute of Strategic Studies, a think-think based in Islamabad.

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