The post cold-war games


Zaheer Bhatti

WITH Donald Trump firing FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and resignations of National Security Advisors Michael Flynn and H R McMaster besides a host of top White House Aides within a span of a little over a year of his rule, he looks jittery and obsessed with himself and is no better than a bull in a China Shop. His belligerent approach to world affairs; be they regional conflicts or trading deals, economic stand-off and tariff impositions against People’s Republic of China promptly matched by the latter, compounded by EU’s tit-for-tat response slapping tariffs on Trump’s stiff tariff on European steel and aluminium exports to the US, which are not only leading him to isolation but are reflective of his sense of insecurity in the Oval Office as he grapples with America’s economic downslide, personal sex scams and alleged Russian tailoring of his electoral success.
In the wake of a 40-page UN Report calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the state of affairs in Indian-occupied Kashmir and brutalities by Indian Occupation Forces; a rare initiative by the UN, the United States quitting the UN Human Rights Council co-incidentally or by design, and its terming of the UN Human Rights Council a “Cesspool of political bias and a hypocritical and self-serving Body” is a description which has thus far ironically fitted its own manipulation of the World Body and its ancillaries, together with India and Israel forming the nexus of State terror and exploitation particularly against Kashmiris and Palestinians but generally against rest of the peace-seeking world.
Trump withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran, imposing sanctions upon it while requiring the world to halt Iranian oil imports and threatening nations collaborating with Iran, has been condemned and criticized by world leaders except Israel and sadly also by some Muslim countries; the move instantly resulting in raised oil prices. Iran has been sought to be used by the US in the same manner as Pakistan, attempting to restrict its nuclear enrichment program which many predict will in fact hasten it becoming a nuclear power. Trump’s call to speed up marketing of its military merchandise even if on eased terms, exposes US limitations of being left with the only major saleable commodity in which it has pumped its depleting resources, and which cannot be sold without heating up war theatres across the world with the objective of beefing up the fast shrinking US economy in the face of the rising economic power of China threatening to overrun it with its OBOR initiative, which by contrast is aimed at global prosperity in preference to death and destruction.
Pakistan placed at the cross-roads is having to tread with caution, on the one hand to ensure that its CPEC partnership brings it fair dividends while on the other it is doing its best to proactively engage with the US to make it rationalize its approach towards an ally which has in the past and is still pursuing a course of rapprochement rather than confrontation, refrain from familiar arm twisting despite which Pakistan has restrained itself and gone soft over the recent roadside killing of its national by a US military Attaché in the country and eventually let him go. India engaged in genocide of unarmed Muslims in its occupied territory of Jammu & Kashmir for over two decades and finding it get worse with the resolute resistance gathering momentum by the day, is contemplating to re-live the Amritsar Golden Temple Sikh massacre now in Kashmir in frustration and hoping to crush the freedom-chanting movement by deploying its ‘black cat’ commandos it had used to eliminate the holed-up Sikh leadership in the East Punjab Sikh Temple. But Indian planners will soon discover that it is a fallacy to draw parallel between a beseeched premises and the spontaneous movement across the Valley, and that it will only end up further exposing its ugly Hinduvta face not letting up on persecution even on the Holy Muslim Eid Festival; its inhuman treachery already becoming a roving expose’ painted and splashed over vehicles across the discerning world.
India can no longer continue accusing Pakistan for infiltrating the spontaneous movement because the body of each martyred Kashmiri youth wrapped in the Pakistani flag paraded in the streets amid a sea of humanity chanting freedom and waving Pakistani flags at pellet firing Indian troops, says it all. India now needs a reality check as such outbursts which it should know are spontaneous and indigenous, cannot be stage-managed on a continuing basis. If I were Narendra Modi, I would have refrained from reminding the world about his Government’s simulated Operation allegedly across Pakistan it chose to term a surgical strike which has become a joke over the social media, besides Indian accusations which have been universally busted as its own false flag operations including the alleged Delhi Parliament, Mumbai, Pathankot attacks in India and the URI episode in occupied J&K.
While continuing to make India realize the futility of her approach over Kashmir, Pakistan will require more than mere customary political and diplomatic condemnations or that by the OIC Contact Group to help the principled struggle of Kashmir. It must relentlessly showcase Indian brutalities to the world which in this information age can no longer be camouflaged, and bring home to the International Diaspora the planned Indian incursions including those from the Afghan soil under US protection; all aimed at silencing Pakistani political, moral and diplomatic support to the just cause of Kashmir to which Pakistan is morally bound and committed. Pakistan’s efforts to bring sanity to its equation with India has been frustrated so far by the US rallying around its new-found partner while continuing to pressure Pakistan and having it continue on the grey list of countries failing to act against terror financing on their soil, whereas the entire world acknowledges the unparalleled sacrifices Pakistan has made to fight the curse.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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