The PM on democracy

Prime Minister S K Abbassi while inaugurating Oil & Gas Project at Attock said, that technocrats or undemocratic government couldn’t solve the problems of the nation. Only the democratic set-up suits us. The performance of the present government is before us. We do not have real parliamentary democracy. We can call it Sham democracy.
The people will decide about the fate of the political parties. We need to weed out majority of the political & religious parties. We need to have two or three party system. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
Due to the wrong policies of our government we are facing multiple crises. We need to fix the things. National agenda of progress and development should be moved forward. I am sure that economists will agree with my assessment of economic situation of the country. These are the darkest days of our political history. We need to go back to the basics and change the things around. The representative parliamentary system suits us but our incompetent rulers prefer autocracy.
The lawmakers have failed to streamline the system, which depends on the strengthening of the institutions. We must empower the right man for the right job. Corruption has eroded the economy of the country. Debt has increased to its peak. We need a solid economic plan that caters to our needs.
Pakistan is rich in natural resources. All that we need is to explore and use them for the benefit of the people. Political & economic stability depends on each other. We cannot attain one without the other. We should strengthen our parliamentary democratic system instead of experimenting with technocratic or non-democratic government.

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