The pipe organ..!

IT was one of the most beautiful and stately pipe organs I had ever seen. It’s musical pipes rose high and nearly went up to the ceiling. I sat on the pews of the church and though nobody was playing the organ, I could feel the music enveloping me. A man was cleaning the pews of the church and I approached him, “Who plays this pipe organ and when can I come to hear him play?”
The man looked at me sadly, “Nobody plays it anymore sir!” “Why?” I asked, “Aren’t there pianists or organists who know how to play this amazing instrument?” “There are sir, but there is no money to repair it! It has not been played for over ten years!” I looked at the imposing instrument as it rose in majesty, towering over the pulpit and altar, it looked like it was well taken care off, “But it looks so well kept?”
“Yes sir, I clean it everyday!” he whispered. “You clean it but it is never played,” I said sadly. “It looks spectacular, but is heard no more!” I sat on the pew again and realized that even in my own home I had a piano in the sitting room which was not played anymore. But everyday my maid servant dusted it and polished it till it was gleaming. But no sounds came from it because my children who used to play, were not here with me, or were too busy to play it.
Are we like a lofty pipe organ or gleaming piano? Just mere showpieces? There are so many families who have a handsome dad or pretty mother, but hardly look after their homes, because they just show pieces.
I believe, we all have a duty to perform. Whether you are a peon in an office or a driver in a company, a general manager or president, you cannot just be a title head. You cannot just be a showpiece, you have good music in you which has to be heard by the world. The music may be in being strict with your children instead of always going for kitty parties. The good music maybe for a father to come home early and being involved with his family instead of staying late in the office or sitting in the bar with his friends.
You have been placed in a particular position not to be a silent figurehead, but for your music to be heard. Don’t let your children just call you ‘daddy’ but be a daddy for them. I looked at the pipe organ and felt it was looking back at me, “I want to be played!” it seemed to say, “I want my pipes to be heard! I don’t want to be just cleaned and showed off..!”
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