The nuisance of begging

Zeeshan Nasir

Undoubtedly, it is a matter of fact that after years of independence our roads, streets and lanes are found infested with beggars. In fact, one cannot escape their pleadings for alms because they seem to be omnipresent.
In the early days, the problem of beggary was confined only to a few who could not work or were crippled or handicapped. Now beggary seems to have become a regular profession as many able-bodied persons and children are pushed into this trade. It is truly a shame to have beggars at traffic signals, bus-stands, railway stations, markets, hospitals and even the religious places to deter the followers from offering their prayers with peace of mind. It is very difficult to get out of their clutches, even if somebody wants to avoid them, this may not occur,
If these beggars happen to spot some foreigners, they would not leave them until they force them to give them alms. Then what impression of our country these foreigners will take back? It seems they have found begging to be most convenient way of earning money, because some of the beggars appear to be quite healthy, vigorous and strong. Most of these beggars are professional pickpockets and thieves, as many incidents of chain snatching and purse-lifting are spotted at the traffic signals and crossings. The authorities should deal this menace seriously and put a complete ban on begging. If the menace of begging is not checked immediately, it will eventually turn out to be a enormous social evil in times to come.
—Kech, Balochistan

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