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Zaheer Bhatti

Even though Zarb-e-Azb has dealt telling blows and some what spoiled the greater game of Pakistan’s adversaries, the enemies of Pakistan and Islam will continue to cause haemorrhage at public places until each individual in the Country is alert to the slightest mysterious or unusual movement in its neighbourhood and informs the State machinery as a matter of national duty so that the terrorists can be rounded up before they are able to cause any damage. This alone will make it impossible for the paid assassins to find or avail of any facilitators. All Pakistanis also need to be alive to the fact that they have to do it in self-interest, because if they do not, they could be the next targets of this indiscriminate and mindless rampage.
Too many invaluable lives are being lost, and the Pakistan Government needs to come down heavily on these killers rather than continue to just pay meaningless lip-service by eulogizing the ones sacrificed and sympathizing with or compensating the bereaved families. The nation will begin to feel reassured only when the perpetrators are apprehended and promptly sent to the gallows. So far, barring a few, one has heard of none, which amounts to encouraging the mercenaries who are unlikely to learn any lessons otherwise. The leadership must act swiftly and put an end to this carnage as security of life and property is its national duty.
With a multi-pronged attack on the only Nuclear Power in the Islamic world, it is time for Pakistan to stand in unison to frustrate the adversary designs. It is time that the Government of the day declared Jehad both internally and externally against the forces of evil – be they in the garb of half-wit Islamists and ethnic, sectarian segments damaging its own edifice puposely or by default, the liberal secular implants within the country or surrogate proxies of Imperialists remote controlling incursions in Pakistan from abroad.
As the American Republican Presidential candidate foul-mouths about Muslims in general and raises concern over Nuclear Pakistan, might one ask why the moron conveniently forgets the Nuclear club with a continually increasing stockpile of thousands of Nuclear warheads which poses the greatest threat to mankind? Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s permanent Representative at the UN has rightly confounded and nailed the double talk of the super powers at the currently concluded Nuclear Security Summit which was a customary eyewash by Washington?
The imperial show-gun as do all US rulers, choose to be blind to India whose lack of nuclear safety, open nuclear proliferation and proven State terrorism and meddling to destabilize Pakistan gloated about by Indian leadership including Indira Gandhi, Narender Modi and his National Security Adviser Ajit Doval but now also corroborated by its own sleuth lately tasked to sow discord over Pak-China Economic Corridor, and for years planning and executing subversionin in Karachi and Balochistan.
With Dossiers of Indian involvement in espionage in Pakistan presented to the UN a few months back, and the latest netting of KalbhoshanYadev the Indian Naval Commander operating in Pakistan under cover of a Muslim name and a fake Passport using Indian consulates on Afghan soil, and his own confessions since made public, there is now incontrovertible evidence that while crying wolf it is in fact Indian RAW in collusion with KHAD (now RAM) who are covertly fanning sectarianism, financing, training and infiltrating their agents, and carrying out acts of terrorism inside Pakistan to destabilize the country. Aiding and abetting insurgency in FATA and fuelling the separatist movement in Balochistan to which the American House of Representatives had years ago inadvertently voiced uncalled-for concern over the unrest in that Province, also points to CIA blessings as the US continues to look the other away over Indian incursions as it has been doing in the case of Israel. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s political leadership, barring a momentary show of muscle due to public pressure, has been found shy of a befitting response while the civilized world conscience sleeps on.
Have those whose aim in life is to distort Islam and discredit Muslims as extremists, ever paused to ponder what stone pelting by small boys and girls on armoured vehicles and fortified Israeli, American and Indian soldiers in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir signify? Who is responsible for creating this hatred? The adversaries know it in their heart of hearts that the Muslims have risen in self-defence, fed up with perpetual subjugation under State terrorism, in resistance against forces of tyranny, exploitation and forcible occupation.
What metamorphosis has caused those who were then proudly termed Mujahideen by the US when fighting against what they called the pagan forces against Islam, to suddenly turn terrorists and fall into enemy hands? It is no longer rocket science to discover the reasons if one digs into the goings on around the globe but more specifically in Pakistan’s backyard. With Islamic renaissance looking inevitable after the Iranian Revolution, the Imperialists tailored a script to dent the Ummah whereby discord among Muslim ranks has been successfully sown; so much so that the economically vulnerable and those lacking comprehension of their Faith have become willing tools in the hands of manipulators.
Pitching of Hammas against Al-Fatah in Palestine, the Government and Hizbollah in Lebanon, the Shia and Sunni groups in Iraq, creating misperceptions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the puppet Government in Afghanistan against the Taliban, the stage-managed Egyptian and Syrian uprising and throwing up Al-Qaeda, ISIL and Daesh in the name of Islam and Shariah, taking toll of Atomic Pakistan by unleashing Indian and Afghan proxies, all are manifestations of the Zionist intrigue against the discordant Islamic polity. Those resorting to suicide bombing are strayed, brainwashed, ill-educated and ill-provided people used by enemy but the Governments in Pakistan have done nothing to pre-empt or stem the slide.
The scenario obtaining in Pakistan barring short spans signalling hope of revival, has been a story of opportunism, mis-governance and appalling corruption which have allowed a nation born with so much promise, to sink to such absolute lows, earning itself the distinction of being a begging State compromising its sovereignty. In a society, where priorities appear to be posting cosmetic landmarks squandering borrowed money at the cost of the welfare of its people being buried under the diktats of the money-lenders; where merit, shelter, education and healthcare have become a distant dream, and where killers abound and disappear in thin air and almost never get caught, speaks volumes about the nothingness of the rulers and the law and order apparatus of the State, failing to gear up to the not so hidden hand of the adversaries.
— The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran former Director of programmes.

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