The new digital thieves..!

NEW thieves and robbers are now entering our homes and looting our money as I just found out: For many years I had stopped using my credit card. I decided that what money I had I would use, and if I did not have money, I would not spend. It worked and never did I miss the card, till the demonetisations move last month.
Suddenly I found I needed the card and fished it out. I had wanted a pair of headphones and ordered the same with my HSBC card. The website, which was rediff shopping said the transaction had been done and I felt quite proud of myself for using a credit card. Three hours later I was not so sure; an email came from the same credit card company saying my card had been used for 99 dollars. I was shocked.
Ninety-nine dollars was nearly seven thousand rupees! I immediately called the number that was listed. The strange, impersonal voice at the other end, took my complaint and told me that they would cancel my card. I asked about my 7000 rupees that was stolen and was told that since I had complained the amount would be cancelled. They cancelled my card. The bill came yesterday from the credit card company, and the seven thousand rupees was still on it! I was being charged for money I had not spent. Yes, I know what I will have to do. I will have to download an application and submit the same with details of my complaint and complaint number. But what about the poor man on the street? Who is going to fight for him?
If this could happen to me three hours after using a credit card, imagine the thousands and millions of robberies that are going to happen to the so called ‘cashless’ people who have now got into digital transactions! Can you imagine the poor making a call to a call centre employee? Can you imagine an illiterate person suddenly finding all his savings taken away by hackers? We have no safe system. We have millions of uneducated. We have banks and credit card companies who do not care as I just found out, and our nation has decided to go cashless? Once upon a time, the poor and the middle class found that a good padlock on their door, safeguarded their meagre valuables, but now who is going to guard their savings in the banks?
There’s a new gang of thieves grinning away to themselves as the prime minister goes on talking about putting money in banks, and these thieves are ready to loot all the people who have been forced to go digital by one man’s fantasy. Meanwhile who will give back my hard-earned money?

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