The Morning Shows

Parsa Khemani

I want to draw the attention of the readers and the concerned media regulators towards the content and management of the morning shows being telecast by our electronic media outlets. These shows caste a great impact on our lives and mental well-being because of the dialogues usually used by the characters to communicate. These morning shows are mostly planned and both negative and positive things are imparted, particularly to the main target audience, i.e. the housewives, the easy-prey segment of the society. Every day, in these morning show, the hosts swirl and dance with the star guests. These glamorous hosts are so attractive, appealing and professional trained to enact well which is most suited for a theatrical performance rather than derailing and affecting the minds of housewives by performing in these morning show. The things which they discuss are the message they deliver is just telling our society not to wear dupattas, leave hijabs, expose their legs, be explicit in your thoughts, discard the institution of home and family, go out for dating and match-making, adopt modern techniques to look pretty and be attractive and wear such dresses as are affordable or not under the meagre means of income of the family. I think, these shows should highlight social issues in a serene, sober, decent and docile manner so as to promote culture of decency, family cementation and respect for mankind, especially for elders.

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