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Zaheer Bhatti

The Armed Forces of Pakistan have launched Operation Radd-ul-fassaad to eliminate terrorists, their supporters and facilitators to secure its borders and cleanse the society of the scourge in the backdrop of the Punjab Government requisitioning Rangers for a pathetic 60 days in aid of Civil Power. The ISPR press release indicates regardless, that the said Operation would ensure ‘broad-spectrum’ implementation of the NAP breaking the nexus between corruption and terrorism over which the Government has been dragging its feet.
An illuminating analysis over a TV Channel by ex-Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed and Lt. Gen. ® Ejaz Awan of enemy tactics waging war inside Pakistan through espionage, and political and cultural inroads, has cautioned Pakistan’s civil authority to strengthen its edifice and also sort out the enemy within its own ranks to frustrate the Indian narrative attempting to malign Pakistani Armed Forces in supporting terrorism.
The current Government in Afghanistan being hostage to those who installed it and unable to control most of the country despite injection of billions of dollars to prop its freshly drafted military outfit aided by well over hundred thousand Allied troops laced with sophisticated weaponry and tactical support, it is perhaps unfair to expect such a Government to deliver the listed terrorists operating from its soil against Pakistan; more so when it is having to act under Indian tutelage over which the American Establishment has conveniently looked the other way despite acknowledgement by an American Think Tank and Director South Asian Program Michael Cogalman that insurgency and terrorism in Pakistan was emanating from Afghan soil.
There is now not an iota of doubt left that India was manipulating sensitive Afghan decision-making to continue destabilizing Pakistan; an ingress it has never made any secret about, be they public admissions by the Indian Prime Minister, his Security Advisor Ajeet Doval or his ex-Army Chief Vikram.
The latest tracking of TTP’s Jamaatul Ahrar Website operating from Chennai in India only reinforces the undeniable evidence of Indian meddling in Pakistan through confessions of its spy net chief operator KalbhoshanYadev netted and under Pakistan custody, who has divulged that he was operating the Indian network in Pakistan to keep it destabilized with the dual objective of diverting it from the Kashmir issue and sabotaging the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
Keeping Pakistan-Afghanistan tension alive and to see it worsen serves the Indian interests for which it would use any ploy to sow distrust between the two neighbours. In the wake of a targeted operation by Pakistan’s Armed Forces, Modi’s assurance to the Afghan Government that it would consider an attack on Afghanistan as an attack on India, is an instigation better not tested because it will bring horrendous consequences for the region and for those who think they can repeat the East Pakistan drama in a very different Pakistan.
Afghanistan must introspect dispassionately and not play into the hands of those pretending to be its well-wishers. It must recognize that besides voluntarily providing trade access to landlocked Afghanistan since ages, Pakistan only decades ago helped vacate Indian-supported Soviet aggression on that country, and has since housed over 3 million Afghan refugees multiplying three fold during the last 38 years.
The crux of the matter and moral of the story is that if indeed the Big Powers yearn for genuine peace around the world and desire development for co-existence and mutual respect in the comity of nations regardless of their size or potential, the first options are for the ventriloquist themselves to exercise. Plain and simple, let all nations of the world sort their problems out themselves without any outside interference.
The onus of responsibility is principally upon the two Bigs namely the United States and Russia who are the suppliers and traders of lethal armoury for death and destruction to the entire world including terrorists whom they have propped themselves in the name of Islam. They have themselves presented the world with nuclear and biological weapons for death and destruction and forced others to follow suit, rather than divert your resources for the good of humanity and become exemplary saviours for the suffering humanity. Take the lead to disarm the world by not just putting a moratorium on further development of lethal arms and ammunition, but by destroying all you possess and trade, and herald the emblem of peace and co-existence in this tormented world.
Take the lead also in being fair to everyone without discriminating of caste, creed, colour or belief, the haves and the haves-not. Make the United Nations a world body that everyone looks up to rather than become weary of its double standards, and help it to grant the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir as per UN’s own standing Resolutions just as you have caused a plebiscite in East Timor and Sudan in a matter of weeks, and ensure the Palestinian right to exist, dissuading both India and Israel from their hegemonic agenda.
In the Afghan context, only if the US would prevail upon India to stop meddling in Pak-Afghan affairs, peace would return to both Afghanistan and Pakistan. And lastly for Pakistan, its civil dispensation should strongly back its Army Chief who while ordering his troops to respond with full force to any cross-border aggression, has presented an olive branch urging Afghanistan to jointly work for eliminating the curse of terrorism in both brotherly countries. The Pakistani Prime Minister must translate his declaration of war on terrorists and their facilitators by allowing speedy public hanging of proven culprits.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.
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