The Lahore attack

Shabana Syed

AS Pakistan recovers from a series of shocking events from the devastating Lahore attack which killed 75 and wounded hundreds; to an attack on one of its icon’s Junaid Jamshed by the holier than thou so called Islamists; and finally the astounding revelations by India’s Raw agent who confessed what every Pakistani had believed all along that India was stirring up violence and turmoil in the country.
The country’s media goes into overdrive, pointing fingers, with opposition leaders blaming each other’s failings, while everyone ignores the elephant in the room; that India and Mossad unleashed the ‘Dragon Policy’ in 2001 and set up training camps all along the Kashmir valley training Al Qaeda and ISIS linked insurgents to carry out killings and bombings in Pakistan. The US keen to propagate the Pakistan-ISIS terror narrative, after years of labelling it a failed state is now doing just that. ISIS is the brainchild of CIA and Mossad, and according to Jordanian Officials were trained in US military camps in Jordan. When ISIS men were injured they were taken to field hospitals set up by Israel where even Netanyahu visited to show solidarity.
ISIS like Al-Qaida have been used as a vehicle of chaos and instability by the US so it can justify their interference in the affairs of a country. Obama in his last State of the Union address urged lawmakers to authorise the use of military force against so-called Islamic State he also indicated that Afghanistan and Pakistan were amongst the countries that would continue to face instability and turmoil for decades. It is imperative that the US led by Israel along with India take control of Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities which is the main reason why they are using every tactic available to destabilise the country, and to break it up on sectarian lines as the RAW agent testifies.
According to journalist Wayne Marsden Blackwater/Xe cells are conducting false flag attacks on Pakistan’s main cities. He writes: “Bombings of civilians is the favoured false flag event for the Xe team and are being carried out under the orders of the CIA.” Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a faction of the Pakistani Taliban, had claimed responsibility for the Lahore attack…”The target was Christians,” said a Jamaat-ul-Ahrar spokesperson, Ehsanullah Ehsan. Though Muslim women and children were also killed. Jamaat ul Ahrar had pledged their allegiance to ISIS, and both groups are funded and supported by CIA, Mossad, RAW. Gordon Duff US analyst also highlighted that Indians along with Israeli’s are operating 17 camps along Taliban regions training and arming terrorists. The idea being to keep Pakistan’s military busy around the borders fighting insurgents while US and Israel’s agents, mostly paid Pakistanis, continue to terrorise the people.
ISIS cannot move into Pakistan as it did in Syria and Iraq where they arrived with flags waving in Toyota land cruisers with partly hooded faces, wearing sunglasses, and carrying weaponry. As most analysts said it was not possible for hordes of so called jihadists crossing the open desert to not be picked up by Washington, Tel Aviv or Riyadh, who constantly spy on the region.
American collusion was highlighted when ISIS’s leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was seen shaking hands and taking pictures with Senator McCain, Baghdadi was later identified as Elliot Shimon a Mossad agent. The same tactics to enter Pakistan will not be possible for this band of mercenaries however the country can expect more bombings and terrorising of its people as the group mingles and recruits from insurgents like Jammat ul Ahrar and Pakistan Taliban.
One can visibly see the death and destruction groups like ISIS and Pakistan Taliban are causing in Pakistan, however another more dangerous element that is tearing the country apart is the sectarian and intolerant form of Islam that is growing in the country. One of WikiLeaks documents, a cable from the US Consulate in Lahore had stated that nearly 100 million dollar annually was making its way to Islamic groups and “Ahl-e-Hadith and Deobandi clerics in the region from ‘missionary’ and ‘Islamic charitable’ organizations in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.” Their aim was to ferment sectarian warfare by propagating Wahabism which teaches those from different sects or religions as ‘kafir’ worthy of killing.
The Islam taught by the blessed the Holy Prophet (PBUH) taught tolerance and forgiveness and during the times of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) religious minorities were given their rights and as he stated:, “there is no compulsion in religion”. What is worrying is that none of the protestors who had gathered in Islamabad to protest the hanging of a man who had cold bloodedly killed a Punjab Governor for questioning the blasphemy laws, showed any awareness of the ethics of tolerance and forgiveness the Prophet of Islam had exemplified; and what was even more worrying is that these are the first people that ISIS will attempt to recruit.
— The writer is a journalist based in London, UK.

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