The Italian dream..!

IT was just outside Milan airport in Italy I saw a group of little children staring at me, “What are you staring at?” I asked not too amused. “At you!” “Yes I know, but why?” “Because you’re Indian,” said the tallest of the Italian kids as the others looked on even more curiously at me.
“So” “We want to know how you look!” “Why?” I asked; a little confused as the children came closer and examined me, “why would you want to know how I look?” “Because you’re Indian!”
I was just going to get away when I saw their school teacher running to them, “Children this is an Indian!” “Just a minute!” I said, quite angrily, “Have you been teaching them to stare at Indians?” “Italian kids are very ambitious,” said the teacher, “I know you must be thinking that all Italians are pickpockets in Rome but it is not so!” “I have never thought such thoughts,” I protested.
“Gone are the days when Italians were thought of as only the Mafia,” said the teacher smiling at the children. “I have never thought of them as mafia!” I said, “But why this sudden interest in Indians!” “Italian children have become very ambitious!”
“I know,” I said, “they are no more pickpockets!” “Mama mia, they are not!” “They are no more mafia!” “They are not anymore!” shouted the teacher happily. “And you say they are ambitious!” “Very ambitious, Italian kids are very ambitious!”
“So ambitious,” I said, “that they want to stare at Indians!” “Children this is an Indian!” said the teacher and all the little kids went round me in a circle examining every part of me. “Good morning!” I said. “Children what is it you should say back?” asked the teacher. “Namaste!” shouted all the children with folded hands. “They know Hindi?” I asked incredulously. “I told you Italian children are very ambitious, they are not interested in becoming pickpockets…” “Or joining the mafia,” I completed quickly, “so what are they interested in becoming?” “The next Sonia of India!” shouted the teacher and all the little Italian children started shouting and waving their hands at me.
“What do they want?” I asked. “Your vote!” said the teacher, “I told you Italian children are very ambitious, they all want to rule India like Sonia Maino Gandhi did..!”

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