The HUG..!

No, this isn’t supposed to be a political article, though our very hug giving prime minister seemed a tad surprised by the bending down bear hug Rahul gave him in Parliament. And considering Modi quite a hugger himself to unaware, taken aback, world leaders, did appear quite stunned to get one himself! But, that’s enough of Modi, let’s get back to Rahul: Despite all the forwards and messages ridiculing him for the hug, despite sneers and jokes doing the rounds, and the surgically strike positioned poke our esteemed PM made of the hug, I believe it was a beautiful gesture!
It spoke volumes more than the simple act. It gave a message of love in an atmosphere of hate. It voiced gentleness where brutality has become the norm. It portrayed non-violence, both Gandhiji and Martin Luther King used, to win great battles and attain huge freedoms!
There will be many who criticize him, both followers of Modi and Rahul, men and women who believe the fist, bullet and stone are better equipped to deal with opponents, but its always the hug that wins a long lasting victory!
And with these few words on the national scene I move into our homes, where often a strict parent uses hand, fist and belt to bring discipline to wavering child or flirtatious spouse, when the long hard, but successful road is the hug of love and understanding.
I’ve seen captains of industry run their corporates or family owned businesses like headmasters of yore, inducing discipline through fear and terror and suddenly face a mutiny. “Why?” they ask, bewildered, “We did it for the good of the company!” Says fuming father, “I thrashed you for your own good!”
No, you didn’t!
You used the method of violence because you lacked patience!
I’m sorry, but something makes me return to Rahul. Do you think it’s nice being called derogatory names like ‘Pappu?” It must have taken him time not to react to every dig, not to smart under the outrageous slight, before walking across to the PM and saying, “You may call me Pappu, I don’t hate you!”
There are many in our country who scared of lynchings, angered by hate speeches, and outraged by violence now want to retaliate with the same weapons, and shout, “An eye for an eye!” But said the man who won our independence, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind!”
Let the world call you pappu, deride you, mock you and sneer from their seats of power! Let them hurl abuses and throw gauntlets of hate and missiles of filth at you, but if you can smile, look them in the eye, bend and give them a hug, you’re on your way to winning the war, without turning the nation, your home or company, blind..!

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