The god of laziness..!

MY neighbour’s wife stood at the entrance of my house, “keep an eye on my husband,” she said. “Where are you going?” I asked. “To work,” she said.“Work?” I asked thunderstruck. My neighbour I thought was rolling in money, whatever was his wife going to work for.
“Yes,” she said, “I’ve taken a job, “my husband’s business is doing badly, and somebody’s got to bring some money home.” There was a tear that was glistening in her eye and I was afraid it was the beginning of many others.
“Is he sick?” I asked. “No,” she replied. “Then why isn’t he getting his business back on its feet?” “He’s left it to God!” she said. “Wonderful!” I said wondering when my neighbour had turned religious. “In fact after his visit to temple he wants to see you today”. “Whatever for?” I asked, hoping it was not for a business loan or any other kind of borrowing. “He wants to come with you to church,” she said. “Church?” I asked in disbelief.
My neighbour and I had long discourses which had sometimes gone into the wee hours of the morning about our respective religions and I knew that he had no particular fondness for the insides of a church or even a temple for that matter.
“He has decided to please every God on this earth so that things will change for the better.” There was a commotion and I saw a very dishevelled man appearing behind my neighbour’s wife. It was my neighbour. “What has happened to you?” I asked.
“Everything is in the hands of the God’s” said my bedraggled and slovenly dressed neighbour reverently. “Come,” he said to his wife, “it is time for prayer”. “I am already late,” said his wife, as she hurried away. I heard the phone ringing in his house.
“Somebody is trying to get in touch with you,” I said. “It is an unlucky time to pick up the phone,” said my neighbour. “It could be business!” I said. “Everything is in the hands of God”. “Why don’t you have a shave and go to your office,” I said. “If the god’s want they will give me enough, if not they will see that I die. I trust in them.”
I watched as my neighbour slowly went back to his house and prepared himself for another pooja. “Don’t forget”, he shouted, “I would like to go to church with you!”
Through the window I saw his wife standing at the bus stop, her eyes now wet with tears. I heard the sound of chanting from my neighbour’s house and wondered whether it was the God of laziness that my neighbour had suddenly started trusting in..!

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