The flute player..!

OH, the plaintive, bewitching, mesmerizing strains that flow so sweetly and seductively from the simple bamboo flute. It was just the other day that I watched fascinated as a flute player enthralled a deadly cobra with his swaying music. I watched those deadly eyes, lulled into some deep trance, oscillating to enchanting melody..!
Years ago I taught myself to play this simple instrument, not only because it was cheap but also that one day I had seen Pan, and his sweethearts sitting together engrossed in the captivating tune that Pan’s nimble fingers spun on bamboo shoot. Pan turned out to be Sonny, a friend of mine, who always seemed to be surrounded by beautiful women waiting to hear him play. I bought a flute that evening and focused my thoughts not on melodious tune but on nymphs and nymphets, I imagine would soon sit around me, once melody flowed out of now stubborn bamboo.
It wasn’t that easy for stiff fingers to curl softly down on waiting holes and for appropriate sounds to venture out, but finally they did. Not in one evening, nor in ten, but weeks and months of practice. I don’t remember though women coming to hear me play..!
I have heard many debates and arguments about flute and snake. There are many who tell me that the snake cannot hear and that it sways not because of the sound of the pipe, but because of the fluctuating motions of the player. All I know is that one day as I sat in my living room playing, alone, and not with imaginary maidens sitting around, I looked down and nearly shouted with terror.
The only reason, I couldn’t scream was that flute was still stuck in mouth and I was struck dumb with terror. There coming towards me was a treacherous looking snake, right there in my living room, crawling towards me on a slippery floor. I was lucky the floor was slippery, because the reptile could not make much progress and I shooed it out in terror.!
But I haven’t played a flute lately, not because I do not have maidens round me; there’s plenty of them now, with two daughters, a wife and a dog that turned out to be a bitch, but the dog that turned out to be a bitch, feels that she too has the makings of a musician, and has started competing with me, the official pied piper for recognition..!
Jealous creature that she is, she waits for me to put pipe to mouth and just when I burst forth with soulful melody, sits on hunches, look up at some imaginary moon, and starts to howl, that in terms of breath control, beats the longest note I’ve ever tried to hold..! I’ve stopped playing the flute, because this is one competition I cannot beat. She’s a natural flautist, with no need of bamboo to bring out tune..!
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