The face of determination..!

AFTER Sindhu and Sakshi won the silver and bronze the newspapers are full of their photographs. Sakshi looks cute as she holds the medal to her lips and Sindhu looks a tall beauty too, but what hits me more than ever is the face of determination that rests on both of them.
Immediately, you feel their strength, their mental ability and tremendous tenacity, all of which made them world champions. Determination is what played a key role in their winning, not anything else. Despite our poor government policy, despite being girl children, despite being ridiculed and mocked at by a male chauvinist society we live in, their determination to succeed made them win! Determination is the force that when galvanised makes each of us a winner!
If you remember the second set of Sidhu, it was almost a disaster. She had won the first set with absolute focus and determination and in the next set, it was as if she was giving up. No, she wasn’t, it was that she was being beaten by her opponent who was now filled with determination to even the score.
Again, determination won, but not Sidhu’s! Many years ago, when I was a youngster, my father’s business collapsed. The situation was so bad I even saw creditors coming home and taking away all our ceiling and wall fans for payment. In the middle of summer we bore the terrible heat with nothing but a cold water bath before we went to bed.
We hoped this bath would keep the heat away all night. Then one day I read this poem which changed my life. I wrote this poem in red ink and stuck it next to my bed.
I won’t write the whole poem here, but will tell you the last verse, it goes like this: ‘Life’s battles don’t always go to the faster or stronger man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who. The face of determination are the faces of those who think they can! You may have cleverer people in your college, more polished people in your office, prettier women in the locality, but if you think you are as clever or cleverer, if you think you are more polished or more handsome, then you are!
If Sindhu or Sakshi had ever thought they were losers or that they were fighting against the world’s best and had no chance, do you ever think they would have won? Their faces showed they were determined to become what their minds knew they were.
Whatever your face today, go to the mirror and peel it off and wear the face of determination from now on..!
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