The economic spiral

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

THE word economics is based on a dictionary meaning implying ‘any happening as a means of something in a continuous persistent way.’ In layman terms it is used for the happening of ‘production to feed consumption from known resources continually.’ If we look at our abode which is indeed the planet earth and no more; and the population of 7.5 + billion people that inhibit it; Then we will observe that we have a resource that is contained, though regenerating and transforming in many ways; and a consumer base that is expanding. The resource being restrictive and ecologically sensitive, we have to think of equity first and the pace of consumption, and most importantly the judicious right of every consumer of the resource. This should be considered not because God says so but that is the judiciously logical thing to do. The human mind can argue a counter thesis with the drop of a hat but the universally common and shared belief in death is the antidote to rest my case.
Study of the consumer for characteristics and the resource required to support their existence, are all established moorings as paradigms that have to be dovetailed for the harmony of human existence. If the global population was one country and without discrimination of sorts then there would be no disparity in the provision of basic standard sustenance for all. This of course is not so. The problem therefore is not in any aspect of economics it squarely rests with greed and politics that wants the creation of wealth from disparity of sorts. The one world government, and commercialism, and globalization are all terms where the wolf is in a lambs hide! The New World Order for instance that coined these plans, as deities’ of worship, need serious reconsideration. Wealth from innovation and labour is fine but not by depriving the majority with the basic and equal right to resources to reward a few. Incidentally I am not preaching communism over capitalism here all I am trying to achieve is the provisions of basic sustenance equally around the planet for all that inhibit it.
Towards this objective we need to first address ‘production’ – the aspect that couples’ consumers with resources. Production we see has ‘land’, ‘labour’, ‘capital’ and ‘enterprise’ as the basic ingredients that cause production to happen. ‘Land’ has always been and remains the anchor and the basic ingredient in production anywhere. We need for operating government and national resource mobilization to simply lean on land for revenue and free the human faculties to create, evolve and earn from creative faculties free of silly taxes. Land has to be managed for usage on a pre-demarcated canvas. I have often defined this in various articles but to no avail. ‘Labour’ next, has to be optimally utilized for revenue generation. Idle labour is a huge liability for any country. Labour likewise has to be channelized in forms, that to nomenclature and classify it, can become exhaustive.
The labour force has to be utilized a hundred percent and the inculcation of skills is inescapable even if it means forced conscription for a limited period of time. ‘Capital’ represents value and this cannot be based on printed-paper as a commodity. The country needs assetisation of material, skills, minerals, opportunity cost, geo political advantages and more. Everything that can represent value in national terms coupled with the quantum and quality of labour is an asset. Value should not be assessed from the feudal concept of nationalization, it is what the country owns and produces. Finally, ‘enterprise’ should be entirely free from political considerations whatsoever. The human generator to service needs will innovate and transform anything and everything to sell and make money from. It will aid academia to flourish and raw material to get value added.
We need to lean on the quality of life for all so that the population gets automatically contained and restricted for abnormal growth. People, these real owners of the asset base of a country, will only remain worthy of the country if they have been educated and are not politically divided into a variety of forces and social classes that can only envy and subvert progress. Merit should be all that every member of the society must strive for and achieve social recognition with.
In this game of economics the rules of which we need to indoctrinate ourselves for the country warrant we take a few landmark steps in line with our ideology. First, We must not borrow on interest; we must not use anything called a reserve currency as it represents a form of economic enslavement. It is economic apartheid. We must buy in the currency of the seller and we must sell anything and everything including manpower in our currency only; we must prefer the produce of the people of our faith and allow free imports from them and exports to them; we must legally defend our ideological turf by armed forces that lean on indigenous tools of defense to protect our economic and ideological frontiers and cease to import military hardware; we must decentralize fiscal management and let the people strive under modern standards to build Pakistan; The government agencies must own none of the factors of production specially those representing enterprise. They must remain judicious regulators only; we must de-link our industry and withdraw from every multilateral treaty that restricts research and development. Remember economics is a game and not a cage to close you into and be fed by spectators. Lets cease and desist being monkeys in a cage. Monkey syndrome is a dieses in sociology.
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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