The demand of college students

Munaj Baloch

The one and only Atta Shad Degree Collage Turbat doesn’t have a hostel, thus students face inconvenience. A large number of students don’t join the college for it has no hostel. However, students pay their special thanks to the previous government for providing a couple of buses and starting the construction of a college hall and a library, work for which is still in progress.
I am myself studying in Atta Shad Degree College Turbat and have to endure on account of non-availability of a proper place to live in and concentrate on my studies. Like myself, other students have to endure the same equally. Therefore, we appeal to the government to construct a hostel for the students so that they can study in a proper educational culture and calm and prepare themselves to serve the nation in a better way.
—Kech, Turbat

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