The cruel load

It was so hard for him to even move as the load was so intense. The load was thrusting him back and he was forcing himself in forward direction, besides the distress on his face was noticeable. As I have once gone through the same affliction, I could feel the pain of the little school student hanging a heavily loaded bag. It is so cruel that we put heavily weighed bags on students which ultimately contribute to make student lethargic and weak. Beside that, it affects the growth of a student as the heavy load on the shoulders on a persistence basis may affect the height. Moreover, it affects the class performance as well as sluggishness makes it difficult to concentrate. The issue is not new as we all, in our early student life, have witnessed this cruelty, besides, it is not easy to solve as the whole outdated educational system is responsible for this atrocity, but at least one must raise the voice against this issue because young students are pearls for any nation, and their care is care of a nation.

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